Mental Health in the workplace and beyond

We are extremely fortunate to host various amazing Roundabouts each month, with numerous fantastic knowledgeable, industry-related speakers, educating and providing our viewers with insight into their daily tasks and software systems that they use.

This month we held a very special Roundabout named 'Mental Health in the workplace and beyond'. The first speaker we had was Nick Jemetta, aka. Fancy Dress Dad.

When Digital Product Leader Nick first shared his experiences of living with anxiety, never did he imagine the adventure it would take him on (nor the creation of a superhero alter ego!).

And the second speaker we had was Gavin Wade. Gavin joined Unmind 3 months ago as their VP of Product to help grow the Product, Design, and Tech capability as they enter their next phase of growth to achieve their vision of a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated. He spoke about his own personal journey with mental health, habits he has adopted at home and work, plus how Unmind hopes to change the world of mental health for everyone.

It was a truly inspiring talk and one we recommend listening to, below is the video of our digital event for anyone that missed the talk and wants to catch up or just to rewatch it!

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